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Presents, also known are filters, are quick ways to make your photos pop. However, you may have seen a similar filter on one photo that looks far better than your own. This is probably because certain Instagram presets suit photos with a certain composition, style, or color temperature better.

If you want to become an Instagram influencer or gain more traction for your business, consistently using presets that suit your brand and image will give you a much more polished grid. 

With this in mind, read on as we share with you some of the best presents for Instagram!  

Consider Your Instagram Style

Before you start downloading the best Instagram presents, it's important that you take some time to consider your brand and the look of your grid. This is because you want your grid to look consistent regardless of the content of each post.

Not only will this look more professional and cohesive, but if you're an influencer or business owner, the filter packs you choose can have an impact on how people perceive your business. 

Here are a few ways to help you hone your Instagram look: 

Consider Your Content

You'll first want to write down everything you commonly post to your page. This can be food, clothing, landscapes, selfies, and more. You'll then want to consider what kinds of filters would suit those styles the best. 

For instance, if you're selling streetwear clothing, a combination of black and white filters and high-contrast color ones can give you the grungy, youthful look that people expect with those brands. 

On the other hand, if you're selling children's clothing, filters with low contrast and pretty pastel colors may be more effective. 

Consider Your Audience

Your target audience also plays a large role in how your Instagram grid is presented. This is because you should always be creating content and marketing with your audience in mind. 

If you know that your audience is above the age of 40, then a clean and professional look may be more desired. On the other hand, millennials and Gen Z may feel more trusting with brands that use earthy colors.

Consider Consistency

Last but not least, you'll want to keep in mind that consistency is key when it comes to Instagram grids. With this in mind, ensure that you're using filters that you feel you can continue using for a few months. Don't follow trends, especially if you don't feel that they mesh well with your brand or messaging.

In order to determine how your grid will look like in the future, consider using Instagram planning tools. Many of their platforms show you a preview of your Instagram grid with the posts you have planned in the future, enabling you to decide whether you like the look before posting. 

Here are a few popular Instagram planning apps: 

  • Later
  • Planoly
  • Plann
  • Preview
  • Hootsuite

Keep in mind that many of them have free trials so that you can see what works best for you before purchasing. 

Before and After

You'll find that most of the high-quality presents you'll find online cost a small amount in order to use. Before you decide on the filter packs you desire, look to see if they offer a before and after of their preset in action.

This can give you a general idea of what your photos will look like once you 

The Best Presets for Instagram

Now that you have a method for planning which presents to use, how do you get started in finding suitable ones? With thousands of free and paid presents available online, it can get overwhelming. Here are a few of our favorites to help simplify the process. 

Light and Airy Presets 

"Light and airy" is a type of style of preset that's been popular on Instagram for years. This kind of style is known for bright whites, more exposed shadows, and almost blown highlights. The colors are often vibrant and cool. 

You'll find that this present is great for wedding photos, food photography, and trendy fashion. You may also find presents that are described as "high key" that are similar. These are perfect for portraits, as they present people in a flattering light yet keep the colors vibrant. 

Warm Pastel Presets 

You'll find that many presents make your photos appear warmer and mute the colors at the same time. This is a great style if you view your brand as cozy, warm, or comforting. These types of filters can also be very flattering for portraits for a variety of skin tones. 

Keep in mind that filters that change the color temperature of your photos can be drastic, meaning you'll have less flexibility to use other filters if you want to keep a consistent grid. 

Romantic Presets

Romantic filters are those that emphasize pastel colors, pink colors, and soft tones. Think about the colors during a sunset–these are often the colors these filters use except more muted. 

Since these filters introduce strong pink tones, they aren't as recommended for portraits or food. However, they add a sense of whimsy to minimalist photos or landscapes. 

Film Look Presets

Presents that are described as "film looks" try to emulate 35mm, medium format, and slide film as best as they can. They may include film grain as well as the color temperature that matches the films they're emulating.

These can be some of the most flexible presents to use, as they work with a variety of subjects. However, it's important that the look of classic film works with your brand as well as your target audience.

Street Style Presets 

Street style presents typically give your photos a cooler color temperature, add clarity and sharpness, and increase the contrast. The result is a dramatic, intense look that's perfect for product photography, streetwear brands, and moody portraits.

Road Trip and Travel Presets

Presets that describe themselves as "road trip" or travel typically increase the saturation of your photos so that you'll have bright blue skies, dramatic sunrises and sunsets, and deep green forests. They may also change the hue of your blues so that they look more aquamarine, pairing well with bright oranges as they're complimentary colors.

If you want vibrancy in your travel photos and cinematic quality, these are the filters to go for. 

Bohemian/Relaxed Presets

Bohemian presets are similar to "light and airy," however they have a slightly warmer appearance. With a relaxed vibe and desaturated tones, bohemian presets are great for homeowners that are showing off renovations to their home, lifestyle bloggers, bohemian fashion, and more. 

They can also be an interesting choice for travel photography, particularly if you find yourself in the city often. Presets described as "tropical" often have a similar look; however, the greens are more saturated. 

Minimal Product Presets

If you run an e-commerce business, you know that showcasing your products in their best light is one of the most important tasks to gain new customers. Filters that feature "product" in their names typically include sharpening in order to show all the details of your products.

They'll also have a slight amount of saturation, but not too much so that customers' expectations of the products are accurate. With flat-lay product photography being popular, they'll also have an increase in whites and highlights in order to make white backgrounds and details pop. 

Grassland Presets

If you're a nature or landscape photographer, you know that trying to make your greens look consistent across your grid can be tricky. It can also depend on where you are in the world–some grass and meadows can appear more yellow, saturated, or even blue. 

Grassland presets make it easier by altering the hue of the grass as well as the saturation so that it's similar across all of your photos. They also include sharpening and an increase in blacks and whites in order to make textural details pop.

Lastly, these presets typically aren't as saturated as others. The reason for this is because they're for creators that want a more moody and somber look to their photos. 

Fitness Presets

Last but not least, fitness presets are created specifically for creators that frequently post their bodies before, during, and after a workout session. These presets help keep your skin tone looking natural while also increasing the contrast in order to make muscles pop.

They're known for deep blacks and strong highlights. Keep in mind that not all fitness influencers need to use presets like these. You can also use light and airy presets for your workout photos–it depends on what your audience expects!

Find the Best Lightroom Instagram Presets Today

When it comes to finding the best presets, it's understandable if you're feeling overwhelmed. Many preset packs are showcased with professional photos and editing, making them all seem like desirable additions to your Instagram grid.

For this reason, we recommend starting with a strong knowledge of your brand, style, and target audience. If you know that your photos will primarily be about as well as your brand's personality, you can make filter choices that you can use on a consistent basis.

If you're still not sure of the kind of presets you need, you can purchase bundles and save money on presets for Instagram. Check out our easy one-click bundled presets today!  

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