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Creator's LUTS Bundle

10 PACKS | 100 Mobile & Desktop Video LUTs
$47.00 Regular price $600.00

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ― Albert Einstein

Unleash your creative vision with the Creators LUTs bundle. This ultimate collection of color grading presets is a game-changer for filmmakers, photographers, and content creators alike. Designed by industry professionals, these LUTs bring a new level of visual magic to your work, effortlessly transforming ordinary footage into extraordinary masterpieces. From vibrant cinematic looks to moody atmospheres, the Creators LUTs bundle offers endless possibilities to craft your desired aesthetic. Whether you're editing cinematic masterpieces, enhancing vintage memories, or curating an eye-catching social media feed, this versatile bundle equips you with the tools to make your content truly stand out. Elevate your creative endeavors and make a lasting impact with the Creators LUTs bundle today.



Make your footage stand out with fresh and unique earth-focused color tones for the ultimate grounded yet moody look. Enhance colors, add deep contrasts, and get natural-looking skin. Perfect for videos shot in nature, adventure shots, travel, and even boho-inspired weddings.


Inspired by our absolute all-time best-seller, the Moody preset. This is the easiest way to get cinematic colors, natural skin tones, and a consistent cinematic/drama film look for all your footage. Enhance the color profile and transform the lighting, shadows, and mood in just a few clicks.


The Boho Cream LUTs were designed to provide a versatile and visually soothing and pleasing look for nearly any mood, ambiance, or lighting condition– the perfect accessory to any videographer’s tool kit. Add a subtle ray of sunshine to light up your footage without spending hours trying to find the perfect shade.


Moody vibes with an extra emphasis on dark colors and playful shadows. Redefining the fine line that exists between light and dark. The ideal aesthetic for portrait shots, outdoor photographs, editorial, apartments, urban, gentleman lifestyle, black and white parties, indoor, fitness routine, cinematic photography, small business product photoshoot, and many more.


Clean and consistent 'old-school vibe' looks across your footage in no time. Classic film-inspired looks combined with natural skin tones will make it feel like you stepped off a set in Hollywood. The Kodak film stock is the film-makers all-time favorite media to shoot on because of its brilliant colors, rich blacks, neutral highlights, and unmistakable cinematic style. Adds nostalgic appeal and a distinctly unique artistic look.


Turn a bleak daylight shot into a golden hour masterpiece, whether shooting at a tropical beach during the magic hour or at the top of a snow-covered mountain at dawn, it will transform any ordinary shot into a videographer’s dream.


Masterfully designed for close-up looks, lifestyle events, pre-wedding, and wedding videos. Make every couple’s dream wedding come true!


Create the ultimate autumnal vibe by carefully blending in the perfect amount of contrast, warmth, and natural skin tones. Transform your videos into understated works of art with just a few simple clicks.


A touch of vibrancy, the freshness of nature, and a timeless look to add some chic to your videos without ever having to lift your fingers. Whether you shoot travel or lifestyle, this versatile look will give your footage that cool, trendy vision you're looking for!


Designed to bring out the hues of the blue colors and shades of teal while keeping the warmth of the mid-tones and highlights. Perfect for any videographer (or video enthusiast!) wanting to achieve that cool and atmospheric mood.

How It Works

01 | Install LUTs on compatible Mobile or Desktop App (see compatible software list below).

02 | Select video to edit.

03 | Apply your favorite Flourish Preset LUTs to create any aesthetic, mood, or vibe that matches your unique style.

04 | Make minor adjustments to exposure and warmth if needed.

05 | Share your story with the world!

See video tutorials here


Our Video LUTs (.cube) are compatible with:

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android):
Free VN Video Editor
Content from iPhone, Android, or Digital Camera

Desktop Apps (Windows & Mac):
Free VN Video Editor
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Sony Vegas
Luminar, and more!
Content from iPhone, Android, or Digital Camera

About Flourish Presets

At Flourish Presets, we pride ourselves on being the top destination for only the best quality video LUTs that enhance your visual storytelling.

Our passion for creative expression drives us to provide filmmakers, videographers, and content creators with the tools they need to elevate their video projects to new heights.

Here's why you should choose Flourish Presets for your video LUTs:

01 | Premium Quality:

We understand the importance of delivering exceptional results. All our video LUTs are meticulously crafted by professionals with years of extensive industry experience. Each LUT is carefully curated so you can achieve stunning and consistent color grading in your videos.

02 | Extensive Collection:

We offer a diverse and extensive collection of video LUTs to cater to various styles, lighting conditions, skin tones, and genres. Whether you're working on a cinematic masterpiece, a documentary, a music video, or even a vlog, our LUTs will help you achieve the desired atmosphere and mood effortlessly.

03 | Easy to Use:

Our video LUTs are designed to be user-friendly, even for those new to color grading. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply the LUTs to your footage, making the process seamless and efficient. With just a few clicks, you can transform your videos and bring your creative vision to life.

04 | Compatibility:

We understand the importance of compatibility with different editing software and cameras. Our video LUTs are compatible with leading editing platforms such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

05 | Ongoing Support:

We value our customers and are committed to providing excellent customer support. If you have any questions or need assistance with our video LUTs, our dedicated support team is always ready to help. We strive to ensure that your experience with Flourish Presets is nothing short of exceptional.

At Flourish Presets, we believe that video LUTs are not just tools but powerful time-saving instruments that enable you to unleash your creativity and tell captivating visual stories. Join our community of passionate creators and take your videos to the next level with our premium video LUTs.

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Creator's LUTS Bundle

$47.00 Regular price $600.00

Cinematic Videos in 1-Click

Edit Your Videos Like A Pro

Our video LUTs are basically advanced filters that edit your video footage effortlessly on mobile or desktop.

Our mission at Flourish Presets is to make professional-grade video editing easy, fun, and accessible to everyone (even beginners!)

You've already captured the moment, now capture the emotions without spending countless hours editing.

Award-Winning LUTs

#1 Rated LUTs in 2022

The best-selling and top-rated LUTs for bloggers, photographers and everyday content creators. Effortlessly grow your personal brand and increase engagement with LUTs designed by professional photographers.

From bright & airy, dark & moody, nude & creamy, we have the perfect LUTs for any occasion, aesthetic, environment & mood.

Transform your footage from average to amazing in just 1-click. Get perfect tones, saturation, hues, and shadows effortlessly every time. Experience the world’s most advanced on-the-go premium LUTs system that influencers and professionals can’t help but love.

Join 100k+ happy customers elevating their content today.

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Got questions? We've got answers!

What are video LUTs?

LUTs are a series of professionally curated settings (saved as a .cube file) inside a video app. With just one click, you can apply global changes that transform any video content from average into visually stunning cinematic masterpieces. Here are just a few reasons to consider using LUTs:

1) Edit content like a pro. Consistent color grading each time, every time.

2) Dramatically improve workflow by editing photos in just one-click, saving you countless hours from editing.

3) Providing your social feeds/content an on-brand signature style that's uniquely you.

4) Elevate your visual storytelling, driving more engagement, brand recognition, and trust.

What do I need to use LUTs?

Our Video LUTs (.cube) are compatible with:

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android):
Free VN Video Editor
Content from iPhone, Android, or Digital Camera

Desktop Apps (Windows & Mac):
Free VN Video Editor
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Sony Vegas
Luminar, and more!
Content from iPhone, Android, or Digital Camera

How and when will I receive my LUTs?

Instant access download to LUTs files are provided immediately.

On your order confirmation page, click on the "DOWNLOAD: Access My Files" link. You will also receive a download email link immediately following purchase.

If you did not receive a download email, please check your spam folder and the email address associated with your form of payment. You may also contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

How do I download, install and use these presets?

After your purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you can download your presets and learn how to install them on your device.

We have step-by-step installation video tutorials and instructions for both Mobile (IOS & Android) and Desktop to walk you through the whole process.

For more information, check this tutorial video playlist on how to use your presets.

How do I get the Buy 2, Get 2 Free LUTs Promo?

To redeem the Buy 2, Get 2 Free Promo, follow these steps:

1. Add 4 LUTs to your cart (to get 2 Free) or Add 6 to get 3 Free, etc.
2. Upon checkout, you will see that automatic discount is applied, entitling you to FREE LUTs.

Please note that our system doesn't allow coupon stacking on our website. You can only use 1 discount code at a time.

I still have more questions, how can I reach you?

You may visit our FAQ Page to see if we have answers to your questions.

You can also end us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to help!

No experience? No problem! We all had to start somewhere. Our presets all come with beginner friendly video tutorials and guides, 24/7 customer support, and lifetime access to our community Facebook group to help you get the most out of your purchase.


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