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Instagram Feed Goals Tips


Do you want to know the secret of those “Instagram Influencers”? 


How do they get thousands of followers? They’re not even a celebrity! How do they rearrange their feed? How do they know what to post? With 400 million active users (per day!), Instagram is the leading visual platform and a reliable source of new friends, ideas, inspiration, and exposure. 


How can your profile stand out, though? With all of those people in there, it’s like being a needle in a haystack. Well, all you need is just to put in some extra effort.  


No pressure, right? Lol. 


You probably already know or maybe not, that having a cohesive feed is half the battle on the road to turning your Instagram into a star. 


I am going to share here how I plan my feed, how I put together my content, and even what filters I’m using on my photos. Of course, I love all of Flourish Presets but with IG, having that uniform and consistent look on your photos is a big factor. Later on, I’ll share here my favorite one that I personally use. *excited*


First, let me introduce you to the INs and OUTs of content planning. 


Read on. 


Tip #1. Instagram Theme Ideas. 

Light or dark pink? Maybe a shade of blue? But black and white are looking great too. In this dilemma, you are not alone. 

Which theme should you pick for your feed?

Well, it depends! What? I know. That isn’t really helpful. But seriously, it really depends. No worries, I got you some questions you should ask yourself when picking a theme. These help me narrow down my choices so I can make a decision.


  1. What is my aesthetic? What are the things I like? Am I leaning towards white, clean, and minimalistic feed? Or am I a fan of colors and a maximalist? 
  2. Which 5 types of content am I most likely to be able to create on a daily basis?
  3. What are my top 3 colors that I want to feature in my feed FOREVER? Or maybe not forever but for a long time - maybe for 50 posts? 

Answer all of these questions in a truthful and practical way before reading the Instagram feed tips below, or else all your hard work will be in vain! Trust me. You gotta at least answer it. 


For example, you may “really” be into tropical hues, but you may not have the surroundings or the props to shoot such photos on a regular basis. Or you may be into a minimalist look but don’t know how to do it. (We got a blog for that! - Click here) 


Tip #2. Instagram Archive and Download Feature.

The first step to a curated, themed feed is to get rid of all photos that don’t feel “good” enough.


You know, those heavily filtered ones that you might still have around since 2013. Or maybe ones that you think don't match your chosen theme. Make full use of the Archive option (you’ll find it in the upper right corner of your profile page). Or if you don’t want that photo anymore on your feed but also don’t want to delete it, download it to your email and save it on a cloud drive. Maybe in the future, you can play it with our Flourish Preset. 


Do you have a brand new account? 


Congrats! Lucky you because you already have a clean slate to work on and you’re straight-off ready to implement other Instagram feed tips.


So let’s get down to business and nail Instagram.

Tip #3.  Instagram Aesthetic Ideas

Time to get INSPIRED! 

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into these IG accounts that are kicking ass.


Tip #4. Plan your content. 

When do you actually post a selfie? A quote? That really cute OOTD? Planning your content is a great way to think about it. Here are some content plans that you can actually save! 


Tip #5. Stick to your top 5 content ideas to be consistent. 

Now that you already have an idea of what type of content you are going to post from time to time (I hope you have narrowed down your choices already), be consistent about it. That’s why I asked it on tip #1 because your feed to stand out needs to tell a story. It will be the foundation of your feed. All you will have to do after you’ve figured them out is to cycle through them. 


Like a boss, you’ll have everything figured out ahead of time.



As I mentioned before, I actually am going to recommend our top preset that I personally use. This is perfect for everyday shots whenever and wherever. This will lighten up your photos without pushing the tones. This is also perfect for any feed especially if you don’t have the time to rebrand it or delete everything to get a new look. This works best with almost anything! 

Flourish Presets: Insta Mom

Grab it NOW and start kicking-ass on Instagram.

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