Aesthetic Presets: How Do You Make Your Instagram Look Aesthetic?

There are more than one billion monthly users on Instagram, making it one of the top social media platforms to be on. Whether you're a small business or an influencer, standing out among the rest is key to increasing your follower count and reach. 

A great way to ensure your Instagram feed looks polished and flawless is with aesthetic presets. In addition to making your feed look awesome, having an overall aesthetic will help with your branding and give you inspiration when trying to figure out what to post. 

This guide will discuss how to create an aesthetic Instagram feed and create consistency throughout your posts. 

What Are Instagram Presets?

An Instagram preset is a filter that you use on all of your pictures and videos. They're a combination of various photo settings that give a specific look to your photos. By using the same filters and settings, you give your followers cohesive content that looks great. 

Unfortunately, you can't use the presents within the Instagram app. Most people use Adobe Lightroom to edit their photos with a single click. Once you've edited the photo, you can upload and post it to Instagram. 

Presets are still very flexible. You can do manual adjustments after you've applied your filter. 

In addition to creating a cohesive Instagram feed for your brand, using presets makes your photos more creative. You can stand out from other brands on Instagram with unique posts. 

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Why Do I Need an Aesthetic Instagram?

The aesthetic of your Instagram is one of the first things a user will notice when they head to your profile. Some of the things that contribute to your page's aesthetic include:

  • Tone
  • Layout 
  • Colors

Your aesthetic plays a major part in whether or not someone clicks the follow button or goes to check out another similar page. Not only is a unique Instagram aesthetic visually appealing, but it can improve your brand's overall recognition. It can help convey your brand's personality and voice. 

The Benefits of an Aesthetic Instagram 

There are millions of profiles on Instagram. Having an overall aesthetic for your brand's page makes your profile memorable to users. The presentation of your brand makes people remember you. 

Having an aesthetic also ensures that your profile presents well to others. People might follow your page just because of your aesthetic. 

An aesthetic isn't limited to being neutral and trying to appeal to everyone. You can create your own vibe that resonates that conveys the meaning behind your brand. 

Additionally, an aesthetic creates memorable visuals that speak to your lifestyle and brand. You can reuse your photos and aesthetics for other parts of your business, like your website. Circulating the images in several ways builds your brand's muscle memory. 

How to Establish an Aesthetic

Figuring out your brand's aesthetic might be a vague and daunting task. It doesn't have to be. Follow our tips below to figure out what your aesthetic is. 

Figure Out Your Brand

As we mentioned earlier, your aesthetic speaks volumes about your brand. That's why defining your brand is an important first step in the process of creating your aesthetic. You need to find a way to translate your brand to Instagram in a manner that makes sense. 

One of the first things to consider is your target audience. You want to understand who you want your content to speak to. A luxury clothing store will have a different target audience than a snowboard shop. 

Then, think about your core values. If you're a camping company that focuses on sustainable clothing and nature, your feed needs to reflect those values. 

Your values don't have to be over the top, but they can show up in your content subjects, colors, and messaging. 

Finally, you need to figure out your vibe. Do you want to be cool and minimalist? Or keep things fun and casual?

Figuring out your vibe can help you determine what your overall aesthetic is and what you want people to feel when they come to your page. 

Don't Forget About Color

Color is one of the most essential things when pulling together your aesthetic. Color not only influences a consumer's buying decisions but also contributes to your brand's recognition. You need to make the right color decisions for your posts. 

If you already have a logo and website, use your brand's pre-established colors. Once you've decided on what colors to use, incorporate them into your posts. 

You don't have to do it in an obvious way. Stick to a certain color family or tone. Once you begin to do this, you'll start to notice how your page looks cohesive. 

There are a few ways you can figure out your Instagram profile colors. They include:

  • Creating a color palette
  • Creating a mood board on Pinterest 

Choose colors that reflect your brand's voice and message. 

Plan Your Posts

Your Instagram page should look professional and thoughtful. Planning out your posts in advance will help you achieve that. 

By planning your upcoming posts, you can see which pictures look good next to one another and which ones don't. You can see where you need to add in some more of your dominant color. You can also notice where you should add a lighter-toned picture to your feed. 

Planning out your social posts doesn't have to be time-consuming. It'll actually save you time so you don't have to scramble when it comes time to make a post go-live. 

How Presets Can Help With Your Aesthetic

Aesthetic presets can make your life easier in a variety of ways. With presets, you'll work smarter. You can edit your photos with a single click. 

You can also edit more than one photo at a time. You won't have to edit individual photos since you can apply your preset to a large quantity of them. 

Improve the Quality of Your Photos

Not every photo you'll take will be perfect. However, just because it's not perfect doesn't mean you shouldn't post it. Many people look for profiles that are authentic and real. 

To showcase the "realness" of your brand, focus on your image's subject. For example, you can share a tired selfie after working all day. You can also share an image of you looking put together but you talk about how tired you are in the post's caption. 

What's great about presets is that they boost your photo's quality without changing how authentic it is. You can show something that's important to you and your audience, but ensure the image looks great. A preset will also make sure the image matches the rest of the pictures on your feed.  

Consistency is Key

Consistency doesn't just apply to how much you post on Instagram. It also relates to posting images that have a similar look so your followers recognize your content. Like we mentioned before, having a distinct vibe and color palette is essential for creating brand recognition. 

Be Cohesive 

When your posts complement one another, your feed is inviting. It can be difficult to create an aesthetic that's cohesive when you post different types of content. Your content could include:

  • Landscapes
  • Text-based graphics
  • Videos
  • Selfies 

With an aesthetic present, you'll ensure that all of your posts completely represent your brand. It also helps you with creating a polished Instagram feed while posting high-quality content. 

Tips for Using Aesthetic Presets

If you want to know how to get presets on your phone, we can help. We have countless presets available on our website for you to purchase and download. Experiment with one or more presets until you find one that fits your aesthetic. 

The next step is to download the Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor onto your phone. Make sure the presets you purchased are saved onto your phone. You can easily access them once you open the app. 

Begin With a Great Photo

While a photo doesn't need to be perfect to post, it's hard to rescue a terrible picture with a preset. The quality of your picture is important but you don't need fancy equipment to take a great one. 

Some photography tips include:

  • Using natural light
  • Focusing on your subject and framing it 
  • Don't use flash
  • Ensure your photo's original file isn't too small 
  • Cleaning your lens so the picture isn't blurry

Make Manual Adjustments as Needed

After you apply your preset to your picture, feel free to make adjustments as you see fit. The preset you use might make your picture look too dark. You can easily fix that in the Lightroom app by reducing the shadows. 

You can also straighten pictures in the Lightroom app. You can also crop the picture to get rid of unwanted photobombs. 

Don't Add Too Much Saturation 

Oversaturation can ruin your image. Look out for neon pinks or high-volume blues that are a result of chromatic aberration. You can get rid of chromatic aberration in the Lightroom app. 

If there are too many vibrant colors in your image, you can adjust the vibrance and color temperature. 

Choose a Few Preset Styles

You want your Instagram feed to be cohesive. If you have too many different kinds of presets, you'll lose your aesthetic. 

Have a few filters saved that work well with the different types of photos you post. Having a handful of filters will enable you to add variety to your Instagram feed without compromising its cohesion. You can also implement a checkered pattern approach so you can alternate between styles and presets. 

Who Should Use Aesthetic Presets?

You don't have to be a big brand or influencer to use Instagram presets. Everyone can use them to improve their feed. If you want to make a lasting impression on your Instagram followers, you need to incorporate aesthetic presents. 

Travel Bloggers

If you love to take and post photos of your travels, Instagram presets will help you immensely. No matter where you're visiting or what you take a picture of, you're feed will look cohesive with presets. They'll also help you when you have to get a post ready quickly while waiting for your next flight. 

Up and Coming Influencers

Instagram influencers continue to increase in popularity. Many brands reach out to influencers to hype up their products. With presets, influencers will have a quick and easy way to create professional posts that promote products. 


Big corporations need to look unique and authentic. Aesthetic Instagram presets are a great way to accomplish that. Use them to give your brand's image a new angle. 

Small Business Owners

Whether you just started your business or are looking for ways to increase your customer base, Instagram is the place to be. You can transform your feed and look professional in a manner of minutes with presets. 

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Instagram presets will decrease the amount of time you spend editing your photos. That means you'll have more time to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. 

Whimsical Photographers

For professional and beginner photographers, nailing the perfect shot can be difficult. Instagram presets will help you edit a picture without you having to spend hours adjusting the colors and light. With the right present, you can create the perfect image with just one click. 

What's the Difference Between Presets and Filters?

The average person with an Instagram profile uses filters to edit their images. While presets can be used by anybody, typically influencers and brands use them to create an overall aesthetic on their page. 

Additionally, filters change the contrast, saturation, and other effects on an image. A preset also changes the grain, tone, and quality of a picture. 

Filters are a great go-to feature for uploading selfies to a page where you're not trying to achieve a cohesive aesthetic. Presets help you achieve an elegant and refined look. 

Shop Our Selection of Aesthetic Presets

If you've been looking for ways on "how to make my Instagram better," implementing presets is a great way to do so. Make your feed look professional and streamlined with high-quality presets that are easy to use. 

Browse our collection of aesthetic presets on our website. 

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