Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&
Flourish Presets Designer&

Designer's Pick (20 Packs)

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Our designers handpicked these presets as their personal favorites to achieve the most Instagram-worthy pictures. This package easily becomes your next favorite as it gives you the aesthetic that you need. Enjoy the 20 personally chosen presets with 200 presets included!


 20 Unlimited Use Best-Selling Lightroom Preset Collections (Both MOBILE & DESKTOP)
 200+ Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets (VALUE BUNDLE)
 Compatible With iOS, Android, & Desktop
 Instant One-Click "Magic" Automated Lightroom Filters (No User Input Required)
 100% Adjustable and Customizable - Edit Anywhere On The Go
 Includes Easy Step-By-Step Installation Tutorials and Finishing Touch Guides
 NO Monthly Subscription Required!


1. Boho Cream - Inspired by the warmth and softness of a late summer day in an old town. Highlight white, light brown, and dark red tones, while minimizing remaining colors providing an old soul vibe in the countryside.

2. Moody - The feels of enjoying being lost somewhere. Highlight balance between dark and bright colors while maintaining the cool tones to continue giving the vibes of lost girl diaries.

3. Cinematic - Inspired by the cinematic vibes of controlled lighting, composition, and model direction. This preset has high contrast with soft vibes.

4. Island - Inspired by the beautiful white sand beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear waters. This preset highlights orange tones for a natural tanned skin look and light blue tones for crystal clear waters.

5. Black - Inspired by the color of power, elegance, and sophistication. This preset highlights dark tones and facial features with its low exposure and high contrast.

6. Nude Tones - This preset has enough exposure to brighten up white background images, gives the air a mild effect with the softened tones, and low contrast to reduce harsh and sharp shades.

7. Bright Home - Inspired by the cold winter, hot chocolate, and snowball fights. This preset has high exposure, low contrast, and highlights white tones without risking saturation level.

8. Yoga - Inspired by the mind and body practice of yoga. This preset highlights green and light orange tones - which symbolize being grounded with nature.

9. Bali - Inspired by the colorful island life in Bali, the kind of tropical island life everyone wants. This preset has bright orange tones and dark green hues that make the pictures pop.

10. Boho Dream - This preset will make your photos look more relaxed, delicate, and soft. It has soft contrast and high exposure - perfect for any light setting!

11. Tropical - It’s time to visit the tropics! If not by plane, then by a touch of design magic. This preset can make your skin look a little tanned.

12. Golden Bohemian - Live a free-spirited life and embrace freedom. Turn your pictures into the same vibe that you have!

13. Light & Airy - Inspired by a chic white "fashionate" feels and a line between elegance and simplicity. This preset highlights every skin tone with high exposure and low contrast.

14. Work From Home - Inspired for indoor photography, digital nomads who loves to travel or stay inside their home office, portraits, family photography, outdoor, especially with images with lots of greens, bright images, and many more. This preset mutes harsh colors and gives photos a soft and relaxed vibes.

15. Summer Paradise - The ideal aesthetic for summer getaways, crystal clear waters, palm trees, island photoshoots, and white sand beaches. This preset lightens blue tones especially and gives your skin that pinkish tint. It highlight dark colors, and brightens the light ones.

16. Insta Trendy - This preset will make the colors of your photos pop. If you love taking portraits, this preset is perfect for any skin color too! It has a good combination of high contrast, high exposure, and low shadows.

17. Insta Blogger - Inspired by influencers and bloggers. This preset is the perfect preset to highlight your OOTD, your favorite pose, your selfies, and other beautiful images. This preset has high contrast, minimal exposure, and high shadows, which means that this will make your images look clearer.

18. Fashion - Stand-out on social media! This preset mutes light colors, and highlight the bright ones. Emphasize the moody feeling while adding a little bit of brightness and clarity!

19. Fitness - Show that sweat, flex that abs, and burn that fats. This preset plays with exposure, contrast, and saturation perfectly!

20. Moody Blogger - Add mood to your photos! Take a step further and turn your captured image into moody ones. Express the feelings that a scene evoked in you and get that dramatic moody vibes.


Instantly download all of your mobile and desktop Lightroom presets online. You will also receive a download link via email to access your files anytime with unlimited use.


With over 100,000+ Happy Customers, we are committed to helping you level up your Instagram or social media #FeedGoals. We've spent countless hours editing and fine-tuning each preset for easy-to-use professional results so you don't have to!

Like you, we are artists, designers, and social media content creators looking to connect deeper with our audience by sharing our content, stories, and art with the world. We take your feedback and suggestions seriously and are always looking for ways to improve to continue serving you better and to give back to our #FlourishFam community. 

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From our customers


Flourish Presets are simply MAGICAL. I've used many other presets before, but these are the only ones that really capture the dreamy/boho/vintage aesthetics and vibe I want across my social media assets. Incredibly easy to use and fun for even a 'tech challenged' person like me! Will return for more!

Amanda T.
Los Angeles, CA

Looking for that polished ultra-pro look in your photos? This is it. I have been using Flourish Presets across our business' Instagram feed and our clients LOVE it. Has already saved me tons of hours and frustration with editing! With so many great presets to choose from, the hardest part is just deciding which one...

Ivan G.
New York, NY

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