Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&
Flourish Presets Photographer&

Photographer's Bundle (16 PACKS)

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Love taking pictures but hate spending time in front of the computer editing photos? The Photographer's bundle will help you with that! Editing is an essential part of the photography process but you don't have to be stressed out by it. All you need is this bundle. May it be for portrait shots, outdoor photography, product photoshoot, bright and light mood or cinematic, we got you! Explore the 140+ preset included and find the best one that works with your style.


  • Get 16 personally chosen Lightroom collections for BOTH MOBILE and DESKTOP
  • 140+ Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets
  • Compatible with IOS, Android, and Desktop
  • One-click automated Lightroom filter (no user input required)
  • 100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets
  • With a free installation guide


1. FILM PORTRAIT - This preset favors portrait images as it can brighten up your skin color just enough to show how beautiful it is. It will bring softness at the same time for a little cinematic effect.

2. DEEP SEA - Inspired by the love of exploring nature and going on different adventures. This preset has darkened blue and orange tones for a dramatic effect.

3. MOODY - The feels of enjoying being lost somewhere. Highlight balance between dark and bright colors while maintaining the cool tones to continue giving the vibes of lost girl diaries.

4. CINEMATIC - Inspired by the cinematic vibes of controlled lighting, composition, and model direction. This preset has high contrast with soft vibes.

5. DRAMATIC - Inspired by cinematic and dramatic portraits. Different eyes, smiles, and emotions, are enhanced with this presets’ low exposure and high contrast. This preset also comes with different moods and variations that will match any moody vibe.

6. GOLDEN - Vibrant red and orange tones add warmth to this golden hour magic theme. The dark black and green tones make it feel nostalgic for the old days while maintaining peaceful vibes.

7. PRODUCTS - Inspired by DIY product photography. This preset is specially made for your business! Make your products stand out from the rest with the help of this preset. This preset lightens and sharpens images to give images a detailed look and vibe.

8. NIGHT SCENE - Inspired by night scenes from the top of the mountains or the beaches with fairy lights and sparklers. This preset is perfect for highlighting the pink and violet colors of the sky.

9. LANDSCAPE - This preset gives a soft vibrance to the blues and greens of your photographs. The high contrast and low exposure will make your photos look calmer, cool, and relaxing.

10. LUCENT - Enhance brightness and vibrancies of lights on lower light photos and instantly bring them to life with gorgeous luminous lights.

11. MOODY ADVENTURE - This preset is nothing but pure adventure. If you love going to places where there are no roads, this is preset for you. The high contrast and low exposure give this preset that moody vibes. 

12. INSTA TRENDY - This preset will make the colors of your photos pop. If you love taking portraits, this preset is perfect for any skin color too! It has a good combination of high contrast, high exposure, and low shadows.

13. INSTA STYLE - Take a snap of yourself or ask a friend (or boyfriend) to do so and do that voguish pose. This preset has a combination of high exposure, high contrast, high shadows, high whites, low blacks, low highlights.

14. STREET -  This preset is the ideal aesthetic for street photography, fun shoot, vibrant color shots, graffiti, urban travels, and many more. Highlight bold colors may it be red, yellow, blue, or even green.

15. LIGHT & AIRY - Inspired by a chic white "fashionate" feels and a line between elegance and simplicity. This preset highlights every skin tone with high exposure and low contrast.

16. BRIDAL BLISS - Inspired by beautiful garden weddings in summer and spring. This preset has soft tones, low exposure for shots under good lighting, and low contrast for a mild look.


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Flourish Presets are simply MAGICAL. I've used many other presets before, but these are the only ones that really capture the dreamy/boho/vintage aesthetics and vibe I want across my social media assets. Incredibly easy to use and fun for even a 'tech challenged' person like me! Will return for more!

Amanda T.
Los Angeles, CA

Looking for that polished ultra-pro look in your photos? This is it. I have been using Flourish Presets across our business' Instagram feed and our clients LOVE it. Has already saved me tons of hours and frustration with editing! With so many great presets to choose from, the hardest part is just deciding which one...

Ivan G.
New York, NY

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