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Instagram Reels Video Editing Tips From The Experts

Word is getting around that the Instagram algorithm favors video content. Yup! That's right folks – Instagram videos are better at getting your video content found than photos.

"No longer just a square photo-sharing app." - Instagram Product Head Adam Mosseri

And you know what? It makes sense too. Videos give you the ability to get yourself heard in far less time than the written word allows for. This is why Instagram has embraced the video format and one that is likely to grow over time. Instagram Reels are all the rage, and we know they can be really effective. But they do have a few small quirks, so we're going to look at how you can make sure you get your Instagram Reels with the best tips from our experts on the team. If you want to edit your videos for the best results and get more traffic, keep reading.


When you browse the Reels tab on Instagram, you'll notice that most videos have audio clips—usually songs or voiceover—playing over them. If you want to create engaging content, you should learn how to add music to your videos. By using popular music in your videos, you can reach a large audience and increase the likelihood of receiving likes and comments and even new followers from other users.


Instagram automatically generates a thumbnail for your video. It's the image that will represent your video on Instagram when you post it. You can choose to select it from the video or upload a customized one. You can do either. Just make sure that when it's cropped to a square size, it matches your Instagram feed aesthetic.


There are two things that make text appealing: color and size. Think of billboard ads. They use large, legible fonts that easily catch the attention of viewers. Apply the same technique to your Instagram videos! Larger fonts on videos are easy and quick to read while on the other hand tiny text can easily be overlooked by the audience. Another factor to consider when going for larger fonts in videos is to make sure they fit perfectly in the screen size.



Another Instagram favorite is videos edited with color correction presets called LUTs. LUTs make your videos look more professional, unique, and stylish. And it's not even that hard to use! Unlike before, LUTs can now be used with mobile apps like VN editor. Stand out from the crowd by using Flourish LUTs.


After you’ve added your first clip, look for the align tool in the left-hand menu bar. This will bring up a ghost overlay of the end of your previous clip, which you can then align the next shot too. This is useful for smoothly transitioning between clips.


Instagram reels do not look good in landscape orientations. And visuals are almost always better when they’re bigger. Videos are more likely to be viewed on mobile phones, and people hold their phones upright when scrolling through platforms like Instagram. Taking advantage of a full screen on Instagram means choosing vertically shot videos over horizontal ones. After all, who likes tilting their phone to view horizontal videos when they last for less than a minute only?

As you can see, there's more to Instagram video editing than simply posting the footage to your Instagram profile. Work a little time and energy into editing your videos and you'll find that you're much more likely to engage your followers—and attract new ones with each passing video. Add some music and use Flourish LUTs. Even doing these two alone can make your reach get to more than 100k users. It’s all about loving what you shoot. Make your videos just like how you remember each moment. That’s the best card to deal with on Instagram that no one can beat.

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