Spring Bundle (15 PACKS)
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets Spring Bundle (15 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles

Spring Bundle (15 PACKS)

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The fields were parsley-green. A host of daisies scattered the meadow. There was a cream fresh smell. It's finally spring! With this bundle you'll be filled with the different variety of BEST SPRING PRESETS from our collection of more than 110+ presets. Take advantage of this SPRING BUNDLE with more than 110+ presets. 


 15 Unlimited Use Best-Selling Lightroom Preset Collections (Both MOBILE & DESKTOP)
 110+ Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets (VALUE BUNDLE)
 Compatible With iOS, Android, & Desktop
 Instant One-Click "Magic" Automated Lightroom Filters (No User Input Required)
 100% Adjustable and Customizable - Edit Anywhere On The Go
 Includes Easy Step-By-Step Installation Tutorials and Finishing Touch Guides
 NO Monthly Subscription Required!


    1. Moody - Inspired by the first break of sunshine after the rain. The indescribable contemplative reflective feels of finding yourself while allowing yourself to be lost somewhere new.

    2. Boho Dream - The 'boho' or bohemian lifestyle describes those who intentionally adopt the choices of unconventional creative artists. This preset adds a airy dream-like treatment to the popular Boho vibe by elevating the airy/light color treatment enhancing your purest and happiest life's moments.

    3. Airy - This preset decreases the shadows, adds glow, and increases the exposure of a photo. It comes with multiple variations for the different lighting settings so you won't have the need to tweak every detail or setting.

    4. White Wedding - Inspired by every bride's wedding dress favorite color - white. White is a color known for peace, love, purity, and virtue. Make your photos look warmer and perfect with this preset. It will definitely make your images look cleaner and fresher. A wedding that is completely unforgettable.

    5. Matcha - Inspired by green Matcha tea that is fresh and clean looking, this bright and cool preset is sure to give your mirror selfies the perfect vibe. Instantly soften the greens without risking image clarity, lowers the contrast, and adjusts the exposure - may it be for outdoor or indoor shots!

    6. Cottagecore - Inspired by the aesthetics of romanticized country living lifestyle and the activities that come with it. This preset comes with a light green tone and low contrast to give your photos that soft aesthetic vibes. The exposure is just enough making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor shots.

    7. Sage - Inspired by the color that expresses peace, growth, and nature. Sage means to be wise through reflection and experience. Borrow our years of experience and stand out from the crowd with this preset. Enhance shades of green and orange, perfect for nature vibes.

    8. Fern - Channel your inner plant-mom/dad vibes. Inspired by the calmness of ferns (the flowerless plant which has feathery or leafy fronds) that symbolizes eternal youth.

    9. Bali - Inspired by the lush tropical island life in Bali on everyone’s travel bucket list. This preset produces inspired bright orange tones and dark green hues that make the pictures pop.

    10. Moody Blogger - Add mood to your photos! Take a step further and turn your captured image into moody ones. Express the feelings that a scene evoked in you and get that dramatic moody vibes.

    11. Insta Trendy - Turn your fun shots into cool fun shots! Wear reds, or yellows, or colorful tops, for this preset will make those colors pop. If you love taking portraits, this preset is perfect for any skin color too! This preset will give life to your images and will surely up your social media game.

    12. Deep Cider - Give your audience the vibe of an early morning walk and dramatic woods feel. Create dreamy and earthy vibes of the forest, an island, or even just your garden in the backyard.

    13. Forest Green - Inspired by a breath of fresh air and peacefulness of the forest. This preset highlights white and green tones.

    14. Golden - Did you know that professional photographers prefer to take their photos at the perfect golden hour for optimal professional results? Inspired by the stunning yet fleeting hour where the sun casts a calming serenity transforming the landscape with the perfect 'golden hour glow'.

    15. Vintage Film - Inspired by the unforgettable 50s sitcom, "I Love Lucy." If you want your photos to have a sassy vintage film vibe with a modern touch, then look no further. Embrace nostalgia and completely transform your photo with just one tap of a finger. Add subtle effects and vintage tones to your portrait or lifestyle photos. This preset will wash out the color and add some grain to your photos, for an authentic vintage modern feel.


    Instantly download all of your mobile and desktop Lightroom presets online. You will also receive a download link via email to access your files anytime with unlimited use.


    With over 100,000+ Happy Customers, we are committed to helping you level up your Instagram or social media #FeedGoals. We've spent countless hours editing and fine-tuning each preset for easy-to-use professional results so you don't have to!

    Like you, we are artists, designers, and social media content creators looking to connect deeper with our audience by sharing our content, stories, and art with the world. We take your feedback and suggestions seriously and are always looking for ways to improve to continue serving you better and to give back to our #FlourishFam community. 

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    From our customers


    Flourish Presets are simply MAGICAL. I've used many other presets before, but these are the only ones that really capture the dreamy/boho/vintage aesthetics and vibe I want across my social media assets. Incredibly easy to use and fun for even a 'tech challenged' person like me! Will return for more!

    Amanda T.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Looking for that polished ultra-pro look in your photos? This is it. I have been using Flourish Presets across our business' Instagram feed and our clients LOVE it. Has already saved me tons of hours and frustration with editing! With so many great presets to choose from, the hardest part is just deciding which one...

    Ivan G.
    New York, NY

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