-Alexa Starr, Social Influencer and Founder of Flourish Presets

🙋🏼‍♀️ Hey boo!

If you’re a new influencer, a part-time content creator, or aspiring to be the next big thing, I don’t just recommend that you read this book... but you memorize it! Think of it as your Influencer Roadmap Bible.

It took me years (and tons of mistakes) to learn all the things I've put into the book. Think of it like me being your over-the-shoulder mentor to help you achieve your goal while minimizing blind-spots and wasting your time and energy.


Here’s why:

This book shares years of hard-earned lessons into an easy-to-follow

 powerful system so you can become a full-time social media influencer.

Transform the way you approach social media content curation

Learn how to monetizing your following

Crack the secret code on what it really takes to become a successful influencer

Learn this ONE simple formula… and you'll never stress over “getting Instagram followers” EVER again!

This is because of how the formula cleverly “manipulates” the system.

Once you USE it…

You will become so magnetic that a growing audience will effortlessly GRAVITATE TOWARDS YOU!

So, if you’ve ever wished for a way to grow a following FAST and organically, this is your “genie in a bottle.”

No gimmicks, no tricks, no nonsense. But not gonna lie... you DO have to put in the work!

Don't worry, I'll walk you through every step of the way!

Here's What To Expect

Unlike other “influencer” or “personal branding” books you’ve read, this one is meant to deliver real world results.

Inside the book, there is no fluff, no B.S – just tested and proven tactics that smart top influencers are using right now.

 ​It’s an easy read. No complicated techno-jargon or hard-to-follow routines.

  ​At 121 pages, you can quickly get through the content in a day or two and be on your way to hyper growth.

  It will be an eye-opening and insightful read packed with actionable tips.

 ​Discover the best-kept secrets used by all successful influencers to quickly monetize. 

 Leveraging your content and lifestyle while you effortlessly become a well-known influencer.

I can't wait to get this book into your hands, because by this time tomorrow, you’ll actually be putting some of the techniques in the book to work and getting the results you deserve!

With each chapter you read, new secrets will unlock and open limitless possibilities for you.

That’s because...

The secrets inside of this book become more powerful, as you become better at using them:

 ​In the hands of the right person, this book will become a potent “magic wand”

 No more time and efforts wasted. Doubling and tripling the reach of your efforts every time you strategically use them.

 ​Use this comprehensive guidebook as your personal CHEAT SHEET on your journey.

​ Everything you need to perfect and apply the “secret formula” is contained inside these pages.

I'm sure you're now wondering...

Here’s a simple explanation of how it works:

Most people think their problem is they simply “don't have enough followers.”

But, that’s actually a symptom of a BIGGER problem, which is a little harder to see (that’s the bad news). . .

But a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news).

Like a professional medical doctor, we are going to diagnose the root cause and fix it once and for all, together.

Oh, and the "fix” for the problem of not having enough followers? We'll have that sorted out too. 

Don't worry, I got you.

Believe it or not... All you need is just ONE thing!

It’s something I call “Celebrity Influence

What is this “Celebrity Influence”?

Well, I'll tell you first what it’s NOT. . .

❌ It’s NOT about being a “mainstream celebrity” on TV, magazines, or Netflix

❌ It’s NOT about becoming a "Kardashian celebrity" (thank goodness, right?)

​Instead, I’m talking about becoming SEEN as an authority in your niche.

So if you’ve ever wondered...

💰 How the people in your newsfeed grow a following and make money?

There’s your answer!

The “secret formula” lies in positioning yourself as a Celebrity Influencer.

And now that you know WHAT to do...

I want to show you HOW to do it in my BRAND-NEW book:

Secrets of Influence

Secrets of Influence is the first step-by-step FORMULA to become a 

influential authority, explode your following and build your EMPIRE!

So if you want to:

 Create a raving fan-base and become a respected authority in a flash

  If you want to grow a loyal and engaged following hungry for your content

 If you want to turn your “side hustle” into a profitable full-time income

 ​AND, if you want to do it FASTER than you ever thought possible...

Then this book was literally written for you.

For a Limited Time, 

What's Included in the Book?

Here's just a sneak peek of what you're getting:

Page # 97

​Seven proven ways to make money as an influencer so you can do what you love, full-time. 😍

(People think the answer is brand collaborations. But there’s a bigger opportunity that’s often missed.)

Page # 27

How to dominate your niche and beat out 90% of your Instagram competition. 💪

(Hint: this is the key to success when you’re just getting started.)

Page #105

​​Why it doesn’t matter how many likes you get or how many followers you have when you do this ONE THING.

(Hint: It’s the difference between amateur “Instagrammers” and successful “Instagram entrepreneurs.”)

Page # 55

​​The NEW approach to positioning yourself as a top influencer in the next 30 days. 💥

(Good news: Follow my easy-to-follow tips and you'll be well ahead of most people.)

Page # 83

Learn the difference between influencers who make money and those who struggle. 🤓

(CLUE: It’s not what you think, and we will avoid all the traps and pitfalls ensuring your success.) 

# Myth #

Everybody knows the easiest way to get ATTENTION

 is by being an "Instagram Model"... WRONG!

Page # 63

I reveal a brand-new approach in this book that shows why it pays to be just a regular, relatable person. 💁‍♀️

Page # 20

Why worrying about your “Instagram color theme” is costing you time and money... and what to do instead!

(This is the one unexpected thing that could be hurting you in the long run. 1-Click content automations, anyone?)

Page # 26

​The TRUTH about finding your voice and sharing your message. 

(The stuff you see everyone else doing no longer works! But the NEW method I'll share is simpler and more powerful.)

Page # 33

​The digital shift that made building your personal brand on Instagram more accessible, EASIER, and BETTER than ever!

Page # 28

​The FASTEST way to grow a loyal audience for busy people with no time! 👍

# Myth #

"Hashtags" + "Like4Like" = Growth... WRONG!

Page # 39

Why these outdated tactics don’t work and what to do instead to make your content POP! and explode your following! ⚡

Page # 57

How to stop worrying about Instagram “algorithm” updates, FOR GOOD.

Page # 63

​A proven 3-step video creation framework for busy people. 🏆

(This is the secret to building long-term trust with your audience.)

Page # 47

​The BEST way to create killer Instagram posts. 🏅

(FINALLY solving the “I ran out of ideas, what do I post about,” problem!)

Page # 97

​The two simple things every influencer must know if they want to go full-time. 🔑

Page # 27

The SECRET to finding a profitable audience. And how to keep their ATTENTION!

Micro-Influencers Breakthrough

Page # 104

This strategy will prove that you don’t need to have a huge following to make huge money.

Shocking test results revealed inside of this book! 📕

And SO much more!

I can't hardly wait to share all of my battle-tested strategies and tactics with you.

And I’m just getting started, because you’re also getting... 

The "Blueprint"

To generating REAL money as an influencer!

 ​At the end of this book, you’ll receive a powerful gift to guarantee your success as an influencer!

 This is bonus content focuses on making a very comfortable INCOME on social media...

 And, you'll do it without having to “convince” anyone. That's because of the way the social media monetization “blueprint” works.

 ​This is designed for everyday "REGULAR PEOPLE." Yes, you heard that right... You don’t need to be a well-known industry expert or top model when you use the approach included in this book.

This is the real secret to monetizing your influence. 

The biggest influencers and celebrities are all “in” on this secret.

It's a transformational strategy and I'm excited to show you how to do it.

So, if you’ve been waiting for your opportunity for a breakthrough...