Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone
Cinematic Drone

Cinematic Drone

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"I love these Presets! They are great for toning down blues and greens, which is exactly what I need! Many different options to choose from to get the right look!"

-Collin W.


Moody Bird's-Eye Perspective
Patterns & Formations
Landscape From The Sky
Picturesque Views
Surreal Aerials

Easy-peasy One-Click Photoshop MAGIC.

Soar through the skies like never before with a drone that's capable of taking you on endless adventures. Everything from nature to infrastructure can be captured from the sky, using drones. Drone shots rely heavily almost all of the time on post-process editing. In this preset, we used images that show beautiful and dramatic views from the sky.

This preset adds an interesting dark and moody feel to images. It creates a dramatic effect by sharpening the photos and deepening the shadows and blacks. This preset brings dull photos to life with clarity and dehaze. It also deepens the colors in an image and increases the contrast to make it pop.

The CINEMATIC DRONE preset is the ideal aesthetic for aerial photography, travel shots, hiking, trekking, and images with lots of greens and blues. It’s also perfect for adventures like mountain climbing or road trips with friends. For other photo themes, this preset is also ideal for portraits, weddings, street photography, and many more.

General Color Tone: Cool Tones, Dark/Moody Tones

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Mobile + Desktop Presets:
25 Cinematic Drone Lightroom Presets (.DNG) for the FREE Lightroom Mobile CC App
25 Cinematic Drone Lightroom Presets (.LRTEMPLATE & .XMP) for LR Desktop & Photoshop ACR

All our presets work on both IOS & Android for Mobile (.dng format), as well as Mac & Windows for Desktop (.lrt or .xmp format)

Works with the FREE & Paid Mobile Lightroom App for IOS & Android (.dng)
Works with ALL Lightroom Desktop Versions (Lightroom Classic / Lightroom CC) for Mac and Windows (.lrt or .xmp)
Works with Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw for Mac and Windows (.xmp)
Works on JPG & Raw Image Formats

Spend more time creating, and less time editing.

Find your signature style and effortlessly transform your Instagram or blog photos from average into amazing with just one easy click.

Create the dreamiest cohesive aesthetic-- from light & airy, dark & moody, to soft & dreamy. From nature to urban, landscape to cityscape, aerial to lifestyle. It's your canvas, we're here to help.

Adding professional presets to your cherished memories and creative work to captivate your audience and followers has never been easier, quicker, or more fun!

What story will you share today?

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From our customers


Flourish Presets are simply MAGICAL. I've used many other presets before, but these are the only ones that really capture the dreamy/boho/vintage aesthetics and vibe I want across my social media assets. Incredibly easy to use and fun for even a 'tech challenged' person like me! Will return for more!

Amanda T.
Los Angeles, CA

Looking for that polished ultra-pro look in your photos? This is it. I have been using Flourish Presets across our business' Instagram feed and our clients LOVE it. Has already saved me tons of hours and frustration with editing! With so many great presets to choose from, the hardest part is just deciding which one...

Ivan G.
New York, NY

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