Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles
Flourish Presets: Easy 1-Click Presets Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS) lightroom presets Bundles

Ultimate Deluxe Bundle (80 PACKS)

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We have hand-picked 80 of our best signature Flourish presets into one collection. Our Ultimate Deluxe Bundle is created to give you a multitude of options so you can effortlessly achieve the perfect look every time, with just one click. The perfect bundle for all types of images in every type of mood. Included in this collection are 80 of our newest and best-selling presets from all of our collections, as well as our most popular presets with over 950+ variations in total!

 80 Unlimited Use Best-Selling Lightroom Preset Collections (Both MOBILE & DESKTOP)
 950+ Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets (VALUE BUNDLE)
 Compatible With iOS, Android, & Desktop
 Instant One-Click "Magic" Automated Lightroom Filters (No User Input Required)
 100% Adjustable and Customizable - Edit Anywhere On The Go
 Includes Easy Step-By-Step Installation Tutorials and Finishing Touch Guides
 NO Monthly Subscription Required!

1. MOODY - Another one of our most popular best-sellers! Like capturing the mixed feeling of enjoying being lost in a place somewhere new and exciting. Highlights balance dark and bright colors to produce cool tones for those almost ethereal dreamy vibes.

2. BOHO CREAM - One of our *most popular* presets! Inspired by the warmth and softness of a late summer day in a quaint old town. Inspired by the Boho=bohemian lifestyle of free-spirited artistic non-conformists.

3. BRIGHT & AIRY - Inspired by the serene warmth and subtle softness of a woman. The delicate bond of a mother to her child. Brings out the natural beauty of every skin color.

4. SUMMER PARADISE - The ideal aesthetic for summer getaways, crystal clear waters, palm trees, island photoshoots, and white sand beaches. This preset lightens blue tones especially and gives your skin that pinkish tint.

5. INSTA MOM - Inspired by the one who knows best - Mothers! With its low contrast and high exposure adjusted perfectly, this preset will highlight your mom's journey and your baby's.

6. GOLDEN - Vibrant reds and orange tones add warmth to this golden hour magic theme. The dark black and green tones make it feel nostalgic for the old days while maintaining peaceful vibes.

7. BOHO DREAM - This preset will make your photos look more relaxed, delicate, and soft. It has soft contrast and high exposure - perfect for any light setting!

8. INSTA CREAM - It's the perfect preset for photos with the hint of the golden hour, or when exploring museums, or images with lots of blue, green, purple, pink, and whites.

9. ISLAND - Inspired by the beautiful white sand beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear waters. This preset highlights orange tones for a natural tanned skin look and light blue tones for crystal clear waters.

10. MOODY ADVENTURE - This preset is nothing but pure adventure. If you love going to places with unknown roads, this is preset for you. The high contrast and low exposure give this preset moody vibes.

11. RUSTIC - Give your images a fresh, clean look with a cozy, rustic touch. This preset gives your photos the perfect amount of contrast, warmth, and skin tones without looking overdone.

12. NEUTRALS - Add natural brightness, enhanced neutral colors, and the glow of a cloudy cold morning. Inspired by the feels of cold weather, fresh air, and dried flowers, the aesthetic your photos will get is going to be perfect!

13. BRIGHT HOME - Inspired by the cold winter, hot chocolate, and snowball fights. This preset has high exposure, low contrast, and highlights white tones without risking saturation level.

14. CINEMATIC - Inspired by the cinematic vibes of controlled lighting, composition, and model direction. This preset has high contrast with soft vibes.

15. FILM PORTRAIT - This preset favors portrait images as it can brighten up your skin color just enough to show how beautiful it is. It will bring softness at the same time for a little cinematic effect.

16. PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY - Inspired by organic colors - brown and green. This preset radiates an eco-friendly vibe. It adds a creamy tint, enhances exposure, and plays with saturation and contrast. Give your images a creamy & clean look with this preset.

17. WILD SOUL - Reconnect with your roots and nature! This preset will give your hiking, camping, road trip, or even just walks in the woods photos the perfect vibe.

18. LIGHT & AIRY - Inspired by a chic white "fashionista" feels and a line between elegance and simplicity. This preset highlights every skin tone with high exposure and low contrast.

19. SELFIE QUEEN - Take a snap and apply this preset. This preset has high contrast and just the right amount of exposure, that highlights facial features making it perfect for portraits and close-up looks with different lighting.

20. GOLDEN BOHEMIAN - Live a free-spirited life and embrace freedom. This preset highlights brown and golden tones playing around with saturation, little exposure, and low contrast.

21. VINTAGE FILM - Add subtle effects and vintage tones to your portrait or lifestyle photos. This preset will wash out the color and add some grain to your photos, giving them an authentic vintage modern feel.

22. ROADTRIP - There is no better way to showcase your trip's photos than using this preset! This preset highlights teal and orange tones and has low contrast and light exposure. Give your images that dramatic vibes now!

23. BRIGHT & TASTY - Give your images a clean, savory, bright look. This preset enhances the brightness without compromising the colors of the subject. Add color pop, contrast, and vibrancy with this yummy preset.

24. BLACK - Inspired by the color of power, elegance, and sophistication. This preset highlights dark tones and facial features with its low exposure and high contrast.

25. TANNED - Embrace your sunkissed skin and make them look even better in your photos! This preset will enhance your skin tone and give you that ultimate beach vibe you’ve always wanted

26. FLAT LAY - Inspired by telling beautiful stories from above. This preset has high exposure to give enough light to any product shots. The level of contrast of this preset also makes the photo look sharp and detailed.

27. SUMMER HOLIDAY - Boost your photos' vibrance while protecting your skin tone. Make your photos exciting and full of energy, like going on a new adventure during summer. This preset will bring colors to life with its high saturation and high contrast.

28. INSTA PETS - Inspired by your favorite pets! Capture their silly poses and funny faces with your camera and apply the perfect preset. This preset will highlight your pet's features, give your images a bright and airy look, and happiness vibes.

29. BOHO WEDDING - Give your images the glow of the late afternoon sun. This preset includes different variations with different amounts of brightness and contrast. It also plays with the different shades of orange tones. The best thing about this preset is the way it makes the skin look so natural.

30. SWEET PEA - Inspired by the beautiful sweet pea or more well known as the birth flower of April. Give your photos a high contrast, bright, and minimal look with this preset.

31. BRIDAL BLISS - Inspired by beautiful garden weddings in summer and spring. This preset has soft tones, low exposure for shots under good lighting, and low contrast for a mild look.

32. INSTA TRENDY - This preset will make the colors of your photos pop. If you love taking portraits, this preset is perfect for any skin color too! It has a good combination of high contrast, high exposure, and low shadows.

33. WILDERNESS - Inspired by places with century-old trees and free creatures - the wild. This preset highlights green and yellowish tones. As the sun passes through the branches of the trees, the yellow highlight gives each photo a unique adventure vibe.

34. INSTA FOOD - Add depth to your images with the high contrast setting that this preset comes with. This preset will highlight the details of your favorite food. Add color and vibrance to your delectable recipes, flat lays, and lifestyle images.

35. OHANA - For the love of family goals, kids' laughter, small moments of happiness, and fun, this preset will give your images that exact vibe! Best for images with lots of cream, brown, black, and white.

36. GYM - Pack on the muscle and improve strength with gym training. Show off your progress from day 0 to the day you get to see your hard work with your body.

37. DARK & MOODY - Create a little mystery and mood with the dark colors in your travel photos. Like its name - "dark and moody", this preset will soften the black accents, and add moody elegance, and mystery to your shots.

38. MATTE BLACK - Inspired by matte that gives black a warmer and more inviting look than its glossy and sharp counterparts. This preset has the perfect balance between high contrast and low exposure. The shadows, whites, and blacks are lowered to achieve a matte and muted effect.

39. TROPICAL - It’s time to visit the tropics! If not by plane, then by a touch of design magic. This preset can make your skin look a little tanned.

40. VINTAGE - Add some old-school vintage-toned colors creating instant sentimental and classic vibes. Low contrast, with softened whites and blacks, with a splash of noise for the perfect timeless vintage aesthetic.

41. INSTA TRAVEL - This preset will make bright colors a little lighter and give your images a muted vibe. Your skin will look, tanner, the sky and palm trees will look lighter, and your bikini shots will look better!

42. SAGE - Inspired by the color that expresses peace, growth, and nature. This preset has shades of green and orange, perfect for nature vibes.

43. LANDSCAPE - This preset gives a soft vibrance to the blues and greens of your photographs. The high contrast and low exposure will make your photos look calmer, cool, and relaxing.

44. CREAM - Inspired by our take on the super popular 'light and airy' presets everyone loves! Expect soft bright tones, less color saturation (imagine if cream white was a filter), and reduced dark tones.

45. ​​LUXURY BLACK - Luxury is a state of mind - and a preset applied. Seek the good life and capture each moment with this preset with its rich contrast and exposure that highlights black and white features.

46. MINIMALIST - This preset highlights white tones for a cleaner look. The high contrast allows this preset to highlight important details of your photo without being too heavy and sharp.

47. ENCHANTED - Inspired by the beauty of weddings, white and radiant. This preset has high exposure and contrast to give images a clean and detailed look.

48. LUCENT - Enhance the brightness and vibrancy of lights on lower-light photos and instantly bring them to life with gorgeous luminous lights.

49. DRAMATIC - Inspired by cinematic and dramatic portraits. Different eyes, smiles, and emotions, are enhanced with this presets’ low exposure and high contrast. This preset also comes with different moods and variations that will match any moody vibe.

50. AUTOMOTIVE - Inspired by cars and motorcycles designed for performance at high speeds. The high level of contrast allows this preset to give your photos a more detailed look.

51. BEIGE - Inspired by aesthetic beige vibes of a classy chic in a silk dress. This preset gives a clean look both for white and dark backgrounds.

52. BALI - Inspired by the colorful island life in Bali, the kind of tropical island life everyone wants. This preset has bright orange tones and dark green hues that make the pictures pop.

53. WHITE & NATURAL - Get rid of dark shadows and freshen them up with tones of white. Best with white backgrounds and white outfits, perfect for bright interior shots. Add a splash of color and this preset will make them pop, giving your photo the attention it deserves.

54. MINIMAL PRODUCT - Give your images that soft creamy glow with this preset. This preset plays with the balance between exposure and contrast. The vibrance settings have been adjusted as well to highlight each product detail.

55. LIFESTYLE - This preset will not only enhance your photos but will give them a more uniform look for your social media. Perfect for images with lots of white, and black, this preset mutes harsh colors, and give photos a soft nostalgic vibe.

56. NIGHT SCENE - Inspired by night scenes from the top of the mountains or the beaches with fairy lights and sparklers. This preset is perfect for highlighting the pink and violet colors of the sky.

57. BROWN BEAUTY - Show off the beauty of your brown skin color with this preset! This preset mutes the color with its low contrast and has just enough amount of brightness. Perfect for images with lots of open spaces, or close-up looks.

58. HIGH INTENSITY - Inspired by intense fitness routines. This preset has bold tones, high definition, and beautiful contrast perfect for your Instagram photos.

59. INSTA SELFIE - Upgrade your ordinary selfies with this preset. Perfect for selfies as it brightens images and highlights facial features. Works best with a colorful top to make the colors pop!

60. JUST MARRIED - Inspired by the joy of marrying your best friend. This preset gives bright brown tones and high exposure to the photos. The high contrast highlights facial features and gives a more detailed look.

61. OLD SOUL - Inspired by the love for coffee, books, and arts. This preset has low exposure and high contrast for a dramatic vibe. The orange and brown shades simultaneously play this preset to give your photos that nostalgic old-soul feels.

62. INSTA STYLE - Take a snap of yourself or ask a friend (or boyfriend) to do so and do that voguish pose. This preset has a combination of high exposure, high contrast, high shadows, high whites, low blacks, and low highlights.

63. RUSTIC FALL - Dramatically improve the autumn vibe of your images and bring the colors of this season to life. These gentle tones with pops of vibrant orange and brown will bring out the best in your photos with just one click!

64. ISLAND VIBES - Inspired by many who love their bikini bodies! This preset mutes the harsh colors in a photo gives a washed look for a nostalgic effect and works with any lighting.

65. BOHO CHIC - Inspired by the different shades Boho browns. This preset highlights every detail of facial features. Whether you are looking for a soft vibe or a brighter skin tone - this preset is a perfect match!

66. MOODY BLOGGER - Add mood to your photos! Take a step further and turn your captured image into moody ones. Express the feelings that a scene evoked in you and get that dramatic moody vibe.

67. AUTUMN SEASON - This preset is specially made for this season. Add shades of orange and high contrast to your photos. Highlight details of your subject with the right amount of brightness, whites, and black in this preset setting.

68. GOLDEN HOUR - This preset will let you take all the shots you want in this perfect lighting and time. It will save you time with post-process editing. Give your images a boost by applying them to your photos. This preset will add glow and increase the exposure of a photo to highlight details.

69. VIBRANT AUTUMN - Embrace autumn with this preset. Highlight all the warm colors in your photos. This preset adds unique settings of distinct tones and nostalgic feels. It also increases the saturation level, and luminance in orange, yellow, and red. Get the most out of this fall season using this preset!

70. CINNAMON - ​​Taking inspiration from brown cinnamon and classic pumpkin fashion, this season's unique trend color shows creativity and happiness. This preset highlights pumpkin-like orange and cinnamon-brown tones harmoniously together.

71. AUTUMN VIBES - Beautiful days ahead in the fall. This preset highlights the different shades of warm colors like orange, red, and brown. It also adds a balanced play between the white and dark tones within your photos. The contrast is heightened to create a dramatic and moody effect.

72. WHITE WEDDING - Inspired by every bride's wedding dress favorite color - white. White is a color known for peace, love, purity, and virtue. Make your photos look warmer and perfect with this preset. It will make your images look cleaner and fresher. A completely unforgettable wedding.

73. SUMMER BLUES - Take your summer photos to the next level. Add an extra flourish to your bikini shots. This preset enhances the vibrance of a photo without compromising skin colors. Bring the colors to life with the white balance and saturation play of this preset.

74. MINIMAL BLOGGER - This preset gives a clean and minimal look to images. Perfect for your OOTD shots, poses, selfies, and other favorites. This preset has high contrast, minimal exposure, and high shadows. Make your photos look clearer, cleaner, and brighter! 

75. BRIGHT & ROSY - Celebrating the natural beauty of every skin color. This preset adds a bit of exposure, high contrast, and low saturation to enhance photos even with different lighting for a soft and warm look.

76. CALIFORNIA VIBES - Inspired by sunny California. Who doesn't love California beaches? This preset will give your bikini photos a more vibrant look. Enjoy the sun and beautiful beach vibe. This preset adds exposure for a perfectly natural look.

77. BOHO LIFE - Inspired by the charming aesthetics of white and cream colors. Imagine flowing white dresses, clean and minimal looks, and airy vibes. Add whites or highlight cream tones. For a cozy white and cream aesthetic, this preset is a must-have. This preset will add gorgeous white tones, fade vibrant colors, and soften unwanted shadows.

78. AIRY - Inspired by soft aesthetics and dreamy vibes. Imagine angels playing in the clouds. Delicate, beautiful, and too perfect for this world. This preset decreases the shadows adds glow, and increases the exposure of a photo

79. CHRISTMAS - Inspired by the Christmas celebration feels. This preset highlights red tones to make it pop. It also brightens up photos through high exposure and low contrast.

80. BLACK & WHITE - Nothing compares to a classic black and white portrait. Create scenes that are more compelling and intricate. Convert the colors in your photos to a high-contrast black-and-white look.


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Flourish Presets are simply MAGICAL. I've used many other presets before, but these are the only ones that really capture the dreamy/boho/vintage aesthetics and vibe I want across my social media assets. Incredibly easy to use and fun for even a 'tech challenged' person like me! Will return for more!

Amanda T.
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Looking for that polished ultra-pro look in your photos? This is it. I have been using Flourish Presets across our business' Instagram feed and our clients LOVE it. Has already saved me tons of hours and frustration with editing! With so many great presets to choose from, the hardest part is just deciding which one...

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