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The Best Lightroom Presets in 2023 (10 Must-See Gorgeous Aesthetics You Need!) - Flourish Presets

The Best Lightroom Presets in 2023 (10 Must-See Gorgeous Aesthetics You Need!)

the top 10 best adobe Lightroom presets in 2022 flourish presets

Searching for the comprehensive list of the Best Lightroom Presets of 2023? Well, you've come to the right place! While it can be overwhelming to sort through all the various aesthetics, color variations, and saturation choices that come with each individual preset, we'll do our best here to help you narrow down the choices to our top 10 must-see gorgeous aesthetics you need today. The last thing you want is to be paralyzed by analysis paralysis or even worse, to purchase presets you won't enjoy nor use.

To assist you in quickly sorting through the wide expanse of Lightroom presets, we’ve compiled a hand-picked list of only the best quality time-proven packs that should fit the needs of the majority of users. These were all designed to increase your engagement, not your workload!

A well designed preset will be newbie friendly and simply to get started for even beginning editors. The presets below were hand picked for being easy to use, easy to apply, and most importantly, easy to love. Continue reading along for to learn more about the top 10 best preset packs!


1. Moody Preset


moody preset top 2022 presets best adobe lightroom flourish presets


This preset was one of our founder Alexa's first preset and like fine wine, it's only gotten better with time. The Moody lightroom presets pack offer several variations to fit different levels of 'moody' intensity and to also accommodate for different skin tone and lighting. People have used this for fine art photography, various and expansive landscapes, as well as lifestyle images to really capture a unique edgy aesthetic. This preset is goals for those seeking the cinematic or dark and dramatic look in just 1-click. If you choose to do so, our professional presets still allow room for customization so you can really curate your unique personal style.

moody preset top 2022 presets best adobe lightroom flourish presets


General Color Tone: Dark/Moody Tone, Warm Tone, Cool Tone 

2. Boho Cream

best lightroom presets 2022 top 10 boho cream flourish presets


If a drink could be a preset, this would be the ever popular Vanilla Soy Latte. Creamy, smooth, and delicious from the first sip into the very savory last. This gorgeous best-selling preset will soften your skin and add a unique dream-like lightness to your environment. As one of our more versatile presets, it can be used in a multitude of lifestyle shots, family photos, photos show-casing mom life, or even highlighting minimalist lifestyle. If you are looking for something simple, yet distinguishably sophisticated and unique, this Boho Cream preset is for you.


best presets 2022 boho cream top 10 lightroom presets flourish presets


General Color Tone: Bright & Airy Tone, Nude Tone, Cool Tone


3. Bright & Airy 

bright and airy top 10 2022 best lightroom presets flourish presets

It's Bright and Airy. The name says it all! And I can't imagine a more beautiful thing. If you're striving for clean, cloud-like "Am I in heaven!?" vibes this is the preset for you. Ideal for maternity shots, family portraits, lifestyle home shots. The desaturating qualities unique to this preset will make your spaces seem larger and effortlessly minimalist.  This is the perfect preset for those who are new to using presets and seeking to brighten up darker photos with some beautiful transformative lighting improvements. 


bright and airy lightroom top 10 best adobe lightroom preset flourish preset


General Color Tone: Bright and Airy tone, White and Nude Tone, Cool


4. Insta Mom

insta mom top 10 2022 best adobe lightroom presets flourish presets

This one's a sleeper. We launched this brand new preset in early 2022 and it literally took the world by storm. While the above presets are tried and true and have stood the test of time, the Insta Mom preset absolutely cannot be overlooked. From the contrasting colors, to the desaturation, to the slight sun-kissed glow, the Insta Mom preset becomes a versatile must-have for those looking to stand out in the crowd across all their social media platforms. Use this aesthetic to connect with other smart moms like yourself!


Insta Mom | Adobe Professional Best Lightoom Mobile Presets | Flourish Presets


General Color Tone: Bright & Airy Tone


5. Influencer Starter Kit

 2022 influencer starter kit top 10 best adobe lightroom presets flourish presets

If you could start with one powerhouse of a presets bundle, the Influencer Starter Kit would be it. As the top best-selling presets bundle it has all of the most popular looks you will need to jumpstart your Instagram influence and totally transform your entire feed in no time at all. From Bright & Airy to Nude Tones, Dark and Moody Tones, Minimalist Style, and even Earthy Tones, this collection has all of the professional lightroom presets needed. An absolute must-have for Instagram influencers looking to stand out from the noise and totally dominate the competitive social landscape!

2022 Influencer Starter Pack Flourish Presets Lightroom Mobile Desktop

This complete bundle features 30 premium best-selling preset packs with over 380+ presets in total. 


6. Insta Cream


Insta Cream 2022 Best lightroom presets top 10 adobe filters flourish presets


Who doesn't love gorgeous luscious skin, and creamy pink skies during the golden hour? Steal Alice In Wonderland's dream-like ethereal blush and make it your own. The preset adds a minimal pink kiss on some variations, while gently muting specific colors in images for an airy vibe. The perfect preset for moments where you catch a hint of golden hour, or images with lots of blue, green, purple, pink, and whites. Pro-tip: to get the airy vibe, pose somewhere with a minimal background to enhance the vibe!

The Insta Cream preset is the ideal aesthetic for travel photography, outdoors, sunrise or sunset, by the beach, in the city, during holidays, and on vacation, indoor shots are great for this preset as well with a good amount of brightness, portraits, close-up look, and many more.

General Color Tone: Bright & Airy Tone, Nude Tone


7. Summer Paradise


summer paradise best lightroom presets in 2022 top 10 flourish presets


Love summer? We do too! Go out with your girlfriends for a fun day at the beach, treat yourself (you deserve it!) to an expensive all-inclusive full-service resort, and get that luscious tan on! This preset focuses on lightening blue tones while giving your skin that gentle pinkish tint. It highlights dark colors and brightens the light ones. Try it out and you'll surely love it!

Summer Paradise preset is the ideal aesthetic for summer getaways, crystal clear waters, palm trees, island photoshoots, and white sand beaches. It is also perfect for photographs by the pool or vacations in luxury resorts. A preset best for adventures, influencers and bloggers, weddings, fitness, spring season, summer fun, holiday getaway, and small businesses.summer paradise top 10 best 2022 presets filters flourish presets

General Color Tone: Bright & Airy Tone


8. Moody Adventure


Moody adventure best lightroom presets 2022 top 10 filters flourish presets


Moody Adventure captures the essence of an intrepid adventurous spirit. The unique combination of moody vibes plus edgy adventure is sure to captivate the attention of your audience. If you love exploring uncharted territories where their roads are not clearly marked, or bravely paving your own path, this is preset for you. The high contrast and low exposure give this preset moody vibes. It also has that low shadow effect that really enhances significant details.

The MOODY ADVENTURE preset is the best preset for adventure in the mountains, waterfalls, lakes, roads, forests, woods, etc. It is also ideal for sunset or sunrise photos, coffee shop photo shoots, photographers, and more.
moody adventure top 2022 best 10 presets adobe lightroom flourish preset filters


General Color Tone: Dark/Moody Tone, Cool Tone


9. Boho Dream


boho dream best lightroom presets 2022 top 10 filters flourish presets


Easy-peasy One-Click Photoshop MAGIC.

The 'boho' or bohemian lifestyle describes those who intentionally adopt the choices of unconventional creative artists. This preset, adds an airy dream-like treatment to the popular Boho vibe by elevating the airy/light color treatment enhancing your purest and happiest life's moments. This preset will make your photos look more relaxed, delicate, and soft. It adds soft contrast combined with high exposure - perfect for any light setting!

The Boho Dream preset is the ideal aesthetic for outdoor shots, garden portraits, selfies, baby photoshoots, OOTDs, cozy home interiors, indoor portraits, mirror selfies, portraits, sun rays vibes, travel, adventure, and many more.

boho dream top 2022 lightroom presets best 10 flourish presets filters
General Color Tone: Bright & Airy Tone


10. Rustic


rustic preset best lighrroom presets in 2022 top 10 flourish presets filters


Give your images a fresh, clean cozy look with a classic rustic touch.  The rustic style is a design that emphasizes rugged, natural beauty. It embraces nature-inspired textures, combining simple and earthy colors to achieve an unpretentious, organic warmth. This preset gives your photos the perfect amount of contrast, warmth, and skin tones without looking overdone. Turn everyday shots into professional images instantly with just one click of a button.

The Rustic preset is designed to perfectly work with all types of images but is especially effective when working with adventures, travels, weddings, fitness goals, springtime, fall season, cinematic portraits, people, family, lifestyle photos, product photography, and street style photographs.
rustic preset best lighrroom presets in 2022 top 10 flourish presets filters

General Color Tone: Nude Tone, Dark/Moody Tone, Cool Tone


Bonus #1) Neutrals


neutrals best lightroom presets in 2022 10 must see flourish presets filters


Easy-peasy One-Click Photoshop MAGIC.

Like snuggling up under a cozy warm blanket and a great book on a cold day, neutrals are your safe, happy place. Easily add natural brightness, enhanced neutral colors, and just a subtle dash of glow on an otherwise cloudy cold morning. Inspired by the feels of crisp cold weather, fresh air, and dried flowers, the aesthetic your photos will get is going to be clean, natural, and soothing.

The Neutrals preset is the ideal aesthetic for influencers and bloggers, weddings, fitness practice, winter season, fall season, small business product photoshoots, breakfast in bed, cold mornings, early summer shoots, weddings, hotel staycations, cozy home vibes shoots, and more.

neutrals best lightroom presets in 2022 10 must see flourish presets filters

General Color Tone: Bright & Airy Tone, Nude Tone, Cool Tone


Bonus #2) Product Photography


product photography best lightroom presets in 2022 top 10 flourish presets filters


Inspired by organic colors - brown and green. Who doesn't love organic products? This preset radiates an eco-friendly vibe. It adds a creamy tint, enhances exposure, and plays with saturation and contrast. Give your images a creamy & clean look with this preset.

The Product Photography preset is the ideal aesthetic for influencers and bloggers, small businesses product photoshoots, silk, jewelry, food, coffee and tea, skincare, makeup, portrait, indoor, springtime, summer fun, holiday break, and many more.

product photography best lightroom presets in 2022 top 10 flourish presets filters

General Color Tone: Bright & Airy Tones, Creamy Tones, Nude Tones


So many choices! How do you pick the right preset for me?

I hear ya. The ideal picture is half part talent and half creativity. The first step would be to take a proper picture (decent lighting, model composition and posing etc). We believe that there isn’t just *one* perfect preset that will fit every photograph. With experience and trying different presets out (like trying different ice cream flavors) you'll discover the use cases for each one and the presets you'll tend to gravitate towards to incorporate into your personal workflow. Let' see if we can continue to narrow down your choices.


What about free presets? Can I use those instead?

First of all, not all presets are made equally. Examine the professionalism and level of quality provided by the preset creator and how it effects your photos. While any adjustment can technically be turned into a preset, not every setting will look good or be useful without an expert eye. Many websites or blogs offer these freebie/free preset downloads to get you into their mailing list or make you subscribe, but all you receive is a single preset that moves a slider slightly to one side.

So make sure you get your presets from a reputable professional with tons of experience and check that they offer something more complex than what would be achievable by a beginner. (Like 24/7 support, and help guides or step-by-step video tutorials).

 Another pro-tip, is in trying to identify the  type of photography that you do. If the "before" image is similar to your style, then it will likely match the expected preset output and provide similar results. This will help to achieve final results that you expect to see in your own photos.

Lastly, be sure to get presets that allow for customizability after being applied. This will allow you to add minor finishing touches as well as create your own original style instead of just replicating someone else’s. Understanding this basic (and easy) skill will also make your presets more versatile, so you can use them on a wider variety of pictures and lighting condition applications.


Are presets worth it?

We might be biased, but we (and 100,000+ customers) sure think so! Time is the most important and unreplaceable asset we all have. It's like this--- while you can  change your own car's oil why do so many people drive over to Jiffy Lube every 10,000 miles to have their car serviced? It's because they trust the professionals to do a good job, and while you can do it yourself as well, it'll take far longer and may introduce margins of error and consume a LOT of time. By using a simple solution like our professional presets, you can quickly and predictably automate a part of your workflow. Our presets will not only save you a lot of time, but also maintain a consistent and professional aesthetic. This is very important for gaining followers, making your business look well-put-together while letting your clients know what they can expect from you and your brand.


The best Lightroom presets: conclusion

Now you know some of the best Lightroom presets available! Get some of them or all of them and try them out on varying photo samples. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy (and gorgeous) presets can make yuor photos. Be sure to have fun and sure your results with us. We can't wait to see what you make!

Let us know in the comments below:

Have you tried presets in the past?

What do you like or not like about them?

Do you have a favorite preset or preset pack? Flourish Presets - Best Lightroom Presets FAQs

Is it worth buying presets for Lightroom?

Yes. Many professionals offer high-quality presets that are a great investment; they’ll help you achieve the look that you want in your photos each time, every time. In addition you can save countless stressful hours from needing to manually edit each content piece.

Do professional photographers use presets?

Yes. Many professionals even create their own presets to save time when editing. Others use presets from professional retouchers. Photography and photo-editing are two separate skills that can each take years and decades to master and can be performed by two different professionals.

Can you use Lightroom presets for free?

In life, there are cheap things. And then there are good things. You generally don't get both. While some people offer free presets, many of these are used as 'lead magnets' so they can sell you other products--- or even worse, sell your email. Others cost money. Before downloading a preset, I recommend checking the preset terms and conditions. Adobe Lightroom which applies the presets on Mobile is free to use forever though!

Can I create my own presets?

Yes. A preset automates a set of image adjustments. Any Lightroom post-processing that you do can be saved as a preset and used in other photographs.

Can I use Lightroom presets on the mobile version?

The best part of our presets is that they are versatile and can be used on the go, anytime, anywhere. Any preset that you have in Lightroom can be synced across devices. That way, you can download the best Lightroom presets and use them on your computer and your phone.

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