How To Edit Videos (As A Total Beginner)

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Video editing can be intimidating. To tell a compelling story, the video editor, aside from capturing the right angle, must edit the video footage by footage consistently with settings that describe the overall vibe one is trying to achieve.  In tune with how people think and feel, they use this knowledge as a base for when editing. 

But it’s not that serious all the time. You don’t have to overthink it to the point where you’ll get analysis paralysis. Think of the TikTok videos or Instagram reels that you’ve been laughing, crying, and copying. Some may be works of master editors but some are made by some people whose passion isn’t video editing. Some of them love pets, some of them just want to share their everyday lives, and some of them just want to dance or do a challenge. In most cases, these people do the editing themselves. 

One of the great things about video editing nowadays is that you don’t need to know everything. Some people don’t even need their computers. Producing high-quality videos used to be complicated and time-consuming. It still is–especially for wedding videos. But if you want to try editing videos, there is no need to burn a candle. There are a lot of useful tips and tricks that will help you create a smooth workflow and a cinematic result. 


1. Choose what software to use. 

Choosing what video editing software to use can be confusing rather than difficult, especially if you are a beginner. The most common applications for computers are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Da Vinci Resolve. For mobile, there are a lot of free applications from the app store or google play store but we are fans of CapCut and VN editor. One thing we want you to take note though, is if you are planning to play big and install an editing software on your computer, make sure of the compatibility. Rendering videos and exporting them takes time and can make your laptop or desktop lag a little if it doesn’t have the right specs for it. 

2. Use Flourish Video LUTs 

No experience is needed. PDF and video how-to guide included. Save time editing and take your videography to the next level with just a few simple clicks. You asked, so here we are. Elevate the color grading in your videos and make them stand out from the crowd. Quickly turn your simple, raw footage into cinematic and color-enhanced final videos. Choose from a selection of curated and custom-made LUTS made by professionals. Make your social media videos look better than ever before!

3. Tight cut your videos. 

Any video featuring a lot of dialogue and boring parts will benefit from an editor who can make tight cuts. A tight cut is eliminating unnecessary pauses and gaps between dialogues or even removes lines of dialogue altogether in the video. Most projects have a rough running time that needs to be kept in mind, even social media platforms have limits. Cutting some parts of a footage can help you avoid having to go back and rework scenes especially if that edit runs long. It also can help your audience stay engaged. After all, who wants to watch a boring 10-minute of video that doesn’t make sense or entertain? TikTok started it all. The average attention span of a person nowadays is just 8 seconds! 

4. Find the best angles from your footages. 

It’s common for a scene to begin with several camera angles. However, once the audience is oriented and dialogue begins, medium and close-up shots are the most important. For example, weddings. The groom's first look reaction, the father or mother of the bride, the best friend, the kids being silly. These are the moments that must not be missed. The best angles aren’t the ones that most people think of, they are the ones that show the most vulnerable emotions. Sometimes, some of it may be bad footage, a little too dark, but as long as the editor can edit the video and add a LUT that can complete its vibe, it’ll turn a video dramatically into a moment to remember. 

5. Edit mistakes magically

In the post-production world, editors hone their skills to edit out technical and speaking mistakes in a way that’s so seamless, it’s hard to tell what’s been removed. One method often used is called cutting on action. This technique involves cutting from one shot to a second shot that omits any mistakes that were made. Cutting on action gives the audience the impression of continuous time when they’re watching the edited film even though the shots used for the scene could have been shot hours or even days apart. This is just one example of how to magically edit some bloopers on videos. Sometimes the editor can make it like a funny break or just magically cut it and insert the same video from a different angle. There are so many techniques, it all depends on how you want the video to look or come out.

6. B-Roll shots are taking the internet. 

For one thing, B-rolls used to be a filler video in between shots. Nowadays, some videos are full of B-rolls. The interesting thing about it? B-roll videos are the ones that get the most views or likes. Not everyone knows it's called a B-roll though. All they know is that their short footage looks nice with the background music a video they saw were using. So, what’s the point of learning about this? Well, if you are looking to take your video to the next level, taking a short video of your feet while walking on a beach might just give you the kind of vibe that you’re aiming for. 

7. Don't Get Too Overwhelmed

Take a break, go on a walk. If you’re new to video editing, it definitely gets overwhelming. So many buttons with no label. I know. Even for me, after spending a lot of time working on the same projects, I lose perspective on the overall material. You don’t have to quit or start all over again by deleting everything though. Simply take a walk aside. Or on a treadmill. Take a break and return with fresh eyes and the creativity that is always within you. Do not overthink all the tools. Make mistake. Explore the editing software. Just remember to make a copy. 


SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. Our top 7 ways to edit videos as a beginner. Try this technique for your own video. Want to see what it looks like with Flourish Video LUTs? Edit your video, stitch them together, and we’ll try to add Flourish LUTs on it FOR FREE. As long as all it needs is just a LUT applied. We got you!

Flourish Video LUTs will save you time in making your final output look the way you envisioned it to be. And that’s not just coming from us. Thousand if not hundreds of influencers have already proven that. Our high-quality trademark isn’t just limited to our presets but is also a mark of our Flourish Video LUTs. Check it out today here or check out our FAQ page here. If you have more questions, feel free to send us an email. We have round-the-clock supports that can answer inquiries 24/7. Unlock your creative potential now. 

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