5 #IGFeedGoals For Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Brands, and Small Businesses


Hello Flourish Family,

Today I’m sharing 5 actionable Instagram feed goals for you to accomplish that will help you create the IG feed of your dreams, and also leave positive first impressions with people who are meeting your brand on Instagram for the first time. You only get one chance at a first impression after all!

This will ensure the right people will find and connect with your brand, which will then help to grow your reach, your engagement, and your business. They will be inspired to “follow” you and come back to your content time each time you post new content!



As humans, we recognize each other mostly through faces. So if you have a personal brand, people need to be able to distinguish and recognize YOU. You are essentially your brand and must have a unique vibe or feel that differentiates you (thank goodness you have Flourish Presets by your side, right?).

A suggestion if you're camera shy is to include at least 1 or 2 pictures that show your face clearly ever 7 to 9 photos you upload into your feed. Now if you don’t have a personal brand, you can apply the concept with your product, service, or advice. Just make sure those things are a featured part of your Instagram visuals so it stays top of mind in your prospective customers feed. 

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The way your feed represents your brand’s color theme aesthetic speaks volumes about conveying your brands professionalism, goals and motivations. The more cohesive your visuals and content messaging, the better you'll be at connecting with your followers. Consistency is what builds trust, and followers will continue to return to brands they like and relate to. 


The next goal important goal to keep in mind is update your bio area so that the messaging of who you are and what you do becomes crystal clear. When prospective followers visit your profile, they are going to spend just moments trying to decide if they should follow you. By informing them of 'what's in it for me' and adding value, they are much more likely to engage with your content and follow you. Here's a great template to jumpstart your bio brainstorming process:

“I help ________ do/have ________, so they can ________.”

Once you fill in the blanks, just customize it to suit your brand’s voice!


The 4th Instagram feed goal is simple-- Your feed needs to be clickable! On your profile, make it easy for followers to know where they can learn more about your products or services. This could be a Linktree containing links to your YouTube channel, a website, an article about you, a free download resource, or something that provides value to your audience. Whatever link you include, just make sure it leads to the next logical step in someone becoming a customer of yours.

Example: Flourish Presets link tree linktr.ee/flourishpresets



Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a book called "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" and it essentially captures the idea that you have to give more value than you ask for it in return. It’s a fact: Followers will quickly become uninterested in a brand that constantly tries to sell to them in every single post without providing value. Value can be useful information, entertainment, or anything interesting or surprising. Try your best to balance value and promotions to a promotional post once only every 4th post (or less). The rest of the time, focus on adding value to your audience. A smart strategy would be to first lead a post with value, then to share the promotion afterwards (like in a carousel post). That way, followers will still be getting valuable content by following you (even within your promotion posts) without getting overwhelmed with promotional content messaging.

One thing you can do instead of promoting every post, is to encourage engagement from your audience via powerful purpose-driven call to actions. A call to action is achieved by simply asking your audience to respond, like, share, or do something else. 

By achieving these five goals, now you can feel confident that your brand is putting your best foot forward on Instagram. You'll naturally encourage organic followers to continue to engage in, share, and save your content! You’ll also be able to maintain a balance of promotional and value-based material in your feed, and helping to drive followers to other platforms to find out more about your brand. Let's crush it--- you got this!'


With lots of love, 


Alexa Starr


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